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London & Somerset


Renovate to Holiday Let

90 sqm two bed two bath flat.  Refurbishment finished in 2020 June. Apartment open to guests since July, net ROI > 25%.


1. sourcing & plan service for investors

Generating 2x to 3x income than a traditional Buy-to-Let

We specialise in transforming ordinary properties into  higher income-generating  investments via value-adding renovation and change in use from single let to multi-let or short term let.

2. Boutique Holiday Let Brand

Our holiday lets are the ultimate understated luxury, all with a modern heritage feel but each with its own identity, they stand miles different from the competition and is frequently featured in magazines and newspapers. 

All translate into higher revenue and occupancy rates for the owners.

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White Structure

/data driven

/ balancing act

/ design led

Our investment decisions are based on external data as well as our expertise in the local area.

We prefer properties that generate a good level of rental income that also comes with good capital increase upside.

We aim to deliver the best properties in our chosen category. Bringing thoughtful designs as well as excellent customer experience, homes that good tenants love to live in.

Source. Plan. Design. Deliver.

We work with new investors looking to build up a portfolio, as well as existing investors looking to improve the return on their current properties.

Our in-house property management arm compliments our advisory arm to make investing in property a truly hands-off experience.




03  /  05  /  2021

We have launched a new e-design service for landlords, aiming to provide a cost-effective design solutions for rental properties, that is easy to implement & improves rental revenue.


03  /  04  /  2021

Our recently completed Project Park and Project Hanabi secured long term tenants at 10% gross yield ( versus market average of about 6% gross yield).


17  /  09  /  2020

Project Walnut has been featured in multiple leading blogs as part of our bespoke PR approach. In only 6 weeks, we have increased direct booking from 0% to 40%.
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