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passive cashflow per year 

plus long term

capital appreciation

How we can help you

We work with investors that want a hands-off approach to property investment, to allow them to enjoy all the benefits of property without the headaches in deal sourcing, renovation management and ongoing tenants and guest management.

As we specialise in high-yielding property strategy, we also help existing owners achieve a higher return than they are getting currently.

New Turnkey Opportunities

/ For hands-off investor or Second Home as Holiday Let

We offer a Sourcing & Consulting Service where we will actively source suitable properties, carry out viewings, due diligence, and present you with a comprehensive Investment Proposal Pack.

Once your offer is accepted, we will also assist you in the purchase process, as well as working on an Interior Concept Pack detailing the new layout and interior vision.


Post completion, we carry out Project Management to bring the proposed property vision to reality.

/ Build by investor for investors

The process we go through for Client projects is exactly the same as our Director's own investment projects. We are selective on our Clients but you can rest assured that your property will be look after with the exactly the care as our Director's own property portfolio.

Our Investment Proposal Pack covers everything from demand and supply analysis to scenario analysis based on our bespoke cashflow model.

Enhance Existing Return

/ For existing investment property owner

If you already own a property in London or the Somerset surrounding area, we can help you assess whether your property has the potential to achieve 2 - 3x higher revenue than you’re receiving as a single-family let.

Contact us for a free assessment.


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