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Conservative Investment Strategy


We aim to find more stable returns that can withstand a wide range of downside scenarios.  To pass our strict investment criteria, a deal needs to generate positive rental income even under a "stress" scenario.

Investing for the medium to long term, we select properties that, not only have capital increase potential, but are also able to generate high rental income in the interim.

Our Standard Property Strategy


HMO Student Lets

We source properties suitable for converting into a HMO (room let basis) which after full renovation or light decoration we rent to a group of students. We help the client obtain the planning permission needed to do this conversion.

Luxury Holiday Let

Our holiday let properties are a cut above the competition, featured in leading blogs and mainstream publication,  our beautifully designed holiday lets generated 80% occupancy even in a weak market of 2020 with COVID restrictions. 


Bespoke Solutions



We also work with investors to improve the rental income on their existing property. Often renovation or change of layout may be needed, but please note not every property has the potential to be operated as a HMO (rent by the room) or Holiday Let.



We work with passive investors delivering a hands-off investment process. We have done four client projects where we source the property, manage the planning process, design & manage the renovation, furnish the property, arrange for staging and photoshoots. Then carrying out the ongoing lettings and property management service.



Major cities in the U.K., especially the capital London, has always been popular with overseas investors. Many developers use agents to market off-plan apartments overseas, however at a price that can be 10-15% higher than sale price as advertised in the U.K. We work with overseas investors so they pay a fair market price for their investment property.

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