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First Time UK Property Investor Full Foundation Course 

£300 Launch Offer



Foundation Course [ Slides FREE to download - below ]

> Property Type Introduction

> Leasehold versus Freehold

> New build advantages & disadvantages

> How to avoid overpaying 

> How to find the right price comparables

> How to conduct area research

> What is the normal purchase process


Further Video Course Covers
- How to avoid overpaying with 2 case studies
- How to buy existing build property
- How to conduct relative value analysis, including research for the recent sold prices to work out the "right" price to offer
- Area research with 2 case studies in a step by step guide
- How to do a rental income analysis
- What running costs you need to factor in
- Advance Property Strategy Intro


Two 30 mins 1-2-1 mentor session


Deal Analysis Spreadsheet Tool

Note: By purchasing the course you agree to use it for personal purposes only, and will not redistribute or share without our consent.

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